100 Outfits over 100 Days with Yvette

I wore 100 different outfits over 100 days - Here’s what I learned

By Yvette @BlossomSandwich 


What is the challenge and why did I start it? 

I challenged myself to wear 100 different outfits over 100 days, and snap a photo each day so I'd have a record. I started this after the wardrobe audit I did as part of the #sewyourselfsustainable challenge hosted by New Craft House in the autumn. I was shocked to discover that I have 152 items of clothing! And that's without counting underwear or tights. 

List of items of clothes written in green with numbers beside them  

My wardrobe audit from September 2020 broken down by garment type.


With so many items surely it should be easy to create 100 outfits? But some of my clothes don't fit any more, some don't go with anything else and others I just never go for. So this was a great way to assess what I actually like to wear and hopefully have a little wardrobe reshuffle in the process.


I got creative with my styling

One of the things I found frustrating about having to wear a different outfit each day was that I couldn't just wear my new favourite dress on repeat. I definitely favour the new makes and am known to rewear things straight off the laundry airer. This challenge meant I would have to think of different ways to style a piece each time I wanted to wear it. This was a fun creative challenge and has helped me discover new outfit combos I wouldn't have thought of before. Wearing jumpers over and under dresses, meant that I can wear these summery pieces throughout the winter too! 

Collage of 4 images of Yvette, a white woman with ginger hair wearing different dresses with jumpers layered over 

Four outfits showing different dresses styled with jumpers, tights and a narrow belt.


I've also become more adventurous with print mixing! It's something I'm still experimenting with, but I like to pick a key colour that runs through both prints so the outfit still feels cohesive. For the first outfit shown, I paired my Rag Shop sailboats Norma with this polka dot skirt as the red buttons tie in with the red polka dots. 


Four outfits where I have mixed different prints together.


My wardrobe is very print heavy and I'm rarely drawn to plain fabrics, so it's great to feel more confident mixing the prints and trying new combinations. The thinness of this pie chart slice illustrates that I'm wearing prints almost every day - and the days of no prints usually involve a jumper with an animal on it!


Pie chart illustrating my penchant for wearing prints!


Wearing my Me-made clothes

I wore at least one item I'd made myself for almost half of my 100 days! I've only been dressmaking for a year so I'm sure this proportion will only grow.


Pie chart showing the proportion of days I wore something I’d made myself compared to shop bought


I'm not striving for a 100% Memade wardrobe - I'm planning to keep my ready to wear clothes for as long as they serve me and use sewing to mend and refashion where necessary. It just doesn't seem logical or sustainable to remake RTW clothes that I still enjoy wearing. 


Since I started sewing my own clothes I've noticed a shift in my style. I'm wearing dresses and skirts a lot more than I used to - partly because I'm still afraid of trouser fitting and also for comfort. I've really embraced comfort in my wardrobe - it's just too hard to feel enthusiastic about skinny jeans after swanning about in a huge smock dress. #roomforcake is important to me, okay!


Four smock dresses I have made - Wilder gown and three hacks I made by adding gathered skirts to top patterns


One of my most worn items is this Peppermint pocket skirt. Both the pattern and the fabric were free (the pattern is a free download from Peppermint Magazine and the fabric was given to me by my husband's gran and I dyed it blue) so it must have the lowest cost per wear in my wardrobe! The colour goes with lots of my (predominantly blue) wardrobe, the elasticated waist makes it super comfy and who doesn't love a generous pocket or two?!


Six times I wore my Peppermint pocket skirt - there are more but I couldn’t fit them all in the collage!!


Going forward 

I've gone through my wardrobe and pulled out everything I haven't worn over the last 100 days. I need to think about why I haven't worn it - maybe it doesn't fit or it might just not be my style anymore. I will list anything I'm getting rid of on Depop to make sure it goes to a good home or see if there's anything I can refashion. I thought there would be more things in this pile to be honest, I’m quite impressed with myself!


Two stacks of folded clothing side by side - these are the clothes I didn’t wear during my 100 day challenge. 


In terms of new items for my wardrobe, I'd like to make some elasticated waist trousers. I need to overcome the fitting fear so I can sew up this BEAUTIFUL cobalt blue Tencel Twill I got from The Rag Shop. I'm really excited about it because the colour is gorgeous and I can already see it making some awesome outfits with a bunch of my me-made tops. 


The Rag Shop Colbalt Tencel Twill at the bottom with four potential top pairings above. 


Another thing I want to work on is bringing more colour into my wardrobe. I would describe my style as colourful but I made a chart of the predominant colours in each garment I wore and it is sad. I was aware that I like blue but didn't think of myself as a person that wears so much black! In an attempt to get some more colour into my wardrobe I'm imposing a ban on buying blue fabric. I'm already finding it painful so we'll see how long I can keep that up for… 


Pie chart of the colours I wore throughout my 100 day challenge.


I've enjoyed my #100days100outfits challenge, it has given me some good insights into my wardrobe and style. If you're interested in seeing all 100 outfits I have shared them over on my Instagram @BlossomSandwich, along with loads of shiny new makes I haven't had a chance to wear out yet! 

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