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So my collaboration with Emma came along when she sent me a message to let me know she wanted to do a blog post with one of my fabrics. At this I was super excited, I have been following Emma's blog post and I am a fellow dress lover like her! So when  when Emma said she was purchasing 2m I offered to throw her in an extra for free so she had a little more to work with and would hopefully have a little left over that she could use for something else in the future. 

Emma has now published her blog post and it definitely exceeds expectation! I thought I would seize the opportunity to ask Emma some questions about her process and sewing life! I hope you enjoy this easy breezy read and 100% go and read Emma's blog! 


A question I always seen asked on forums & groups, which came first the fabric or the pattern?

The Fabric came first and then the Wildergown followed.

Are there certain fabrics you tend to be drawn to more than others?

I can’t stay away from viscose or tencel at the moment purely because of its drape effects. Following on into more sustainability I do love linen. I really want to use up some that’s in my stash.

What features or qualities do you tend to look at when you are fabric shopping?

It’s definitely colour and pattern that catch my eye and then I look up what the fabric is, the blend. I’m trying to educate myself on the environmental impact that we as Sewists and also manufacturing do.

Do you prefer to but fabrics in person or online?

I must prefer buying fabrics in person but that heck doesn’t stop me buying online - I’m a sucker for a fabric drop.

Do you tend to know what you want to do with a fabric when you buy it or do you buy ahead knowing you will use it at some point?

Usually when I see a fabric I think of what I could use it for and select how much I want. There’s definitely a stash of projects I need to tackle and it’ll probably take me a lifetime to shop my stash! There’s a green cotton sateen dress (Butterick 5748) that still needs hemmed 5 years on from the evening classes that started it all. There’s a handful of unfinished projects that I need to tackle, but they can wait! 

 How did you get started on your sewing journey? 

Doing that class was the best thing I could’ve done for me. It’s allowed me to be part of a diverse and caring community. Learning to accept my body for what it is, is still a journey. Making my clothes is a joyful adventure.

What is the most common adjustment you make when sewing for yourself?

My most common adjustments is shortening the bodice. I’m only 5’3” so it’s always a no brainer to check my measurements against pattern pieces now. I try and avoid non-inclusive patterns nowadays as it saves me the stress of adjusting everything.

Any advice for new sewers?

Finally, if you are just starting out - go slow. This is not, I repeat - not a race!
Avoid quilting weight cotton if you can. It’s too stiff for most garments. And just breathe - enjoy this new found skill!


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