Flower Power Wrap Set with Sharlene

Sewing with jersey fabrics is not my thing unless it is plain and basic. I wear a lot of plain sweatshirts and t-shirts, and love making these for myself. But when it comes to printed jerseys or patterns outside the “basic’s” category it just doesn’t spark any joy. I feel like I am missing out on so many beautiful fabrics so it is something I want to work on. 

Part of the issue could be the selection of jersey patterns available. I feel a lot of them look very similar and just aren’t my style. I am also quite fussy when it comes to choosing prints. I will deliberate over these a lot longer than solid colours. 

While chatting to Steph about this same thing I thought it might be a good opportunity to write a blog about this and try making a garment from our selection of Deadstock jerseys. I deliberated for a long time but finally chose the Flower Power Jersey as I have been loving the daisy prints that are featured in a lot of ready to wear this season. 

Next came the pattern dilemma. I had a few options- I have both books by Named Clothing which both feature beautiful jersey patterns, the Tammy Handmade Rhea dress or the Aware Collection Arie Wrap set. In true millennial style, I let the public decide! I put up a poll on instagram and the majority voted for the Arie Wrap set. 

I was excited about this as it was a pattern I wanted to try for a while and it had more styling opportunities than a dress. The top and wrap skirt could be wore together, but also styled separately which is alway a win in my book. I could see it working in different seasons too. 


The top came together very easily. It has a think neckband and wide neckline which is very flattering. The sleeve is gathered in with elastic at the cuff (Hello #JoyfulSleeves) but doesn’t have so much volume that it ends up in your dinner! The skirt came together quiet easily too, however I did have 2 issues with the pattern/instructions. The inner wrap is secured with 2 buttons however the waistband piece did not have any interfacing. Buttonholes are tricky at the best of times but on jersey with no interfacing that spells disaster! I added some interfacing where the buttonholes were marked to solve this issue. 


The next problem was the wrap part of the skirt. In the instructions you attach the waistband to the skirt and then continue to sew along the length of the tie. This would result in the stitching being on the outside. I rectified this by stitching the long part of the tie wrong sides together first and then stitching the waistband down.

Now for the verdict… I love it! The jersey is very drapey but surprisingly easy to work with. I had no issues with it at all! I love how it hangs and drapes too, it feels lovely when I am wearing it. I am also a big fan of the pattern. The skirt has a good amount of coverage for a wrap. When making the top again I will probably add an inch to the length. It tucks in okay to skirts and trousers but when I reach up it comes out. I like to have a little more to tuck in. 

This project has definitely changed my mind about working with jersey fabrics outside the basics category. There are so many beautiful jersey prints in stock at the moment I am excited to try some more. 

Head over to our Instagram to see some of the other ways I will be styling this set. I am so excited for all the possibilities. 

Thank you for reading and Happy Sewing!

Sharlene xx

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  • Oh I love this look. That fabric is so pretty. Yeah im with you about Jersey but I think you may have changed my mind 🌞


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