The Passiflore Dress Part 2 with Rebekah @sewno65

Hi Everyone, 

I hope you are well and thanks for stopping by to read my blog! I am delighted to be back with another one for Steph in The Rag Shop. This time I have been doing a ‘Sew Along’ with my friend Vicki from ‘WhatVickiMade’ on Instagram. Vicki’s blog was published previously so do check it out too. Her version is gorgeous! 

For my version I chose a beautiful Cobalt Blue Tencel Twill Fabric. I have sewn with Tencel fabric before but I think this was my first time trying a Tencel Twill. This fabric is such a beautiful shade of blue with a soft handle. It is a medium weight twill so I thought it would be perfect for the Deer and Doe Passiflore dress Vicki and I had in mind. When I received it in the post I was so delighted, it is even more fabulous in person. 

I pre washed my fabric at 30 degrees and it coped really well with the wash. Then before cutting I made sure to press it so it made cutting easier and more precise. When cutting and sewing together, I made sure to pay special attention to the right and wrong side of the fabric. It is easy enough to tell them apart but always do a double check which side is which. 


So the Passiflore pattern has three variations and other combinations you can use. For my blog project I chose version B which has the longer sleeve length and is knee length. 

I made a size 40 as I didnt want it oversized, more fitted. So I think this size worked out perfectly for me. For reference I’m usually a UK size 12. I always check the finished measurements too, to see how much ease there is in the pattern. 

In terms of the pattern instructions and illustrations I did find them a little vague and confusing at times. Particularly around the collar construction and even the belt loops. I think they were just lacking in detail in some places and where there was lots of detail then it didn’t seem clear to me. 

Leading up to making my Passiflore and while I was making it I was going through a serious lack of sewjo. So I guess this didn’t help matters if I got frustrated with any parts. I think between the warm summer and a few personal things my sewjo suffered. But it’s ok that it did, I think this happens to everyone at some point and it is healthy too to take a little break away. I think you can come back somewhat rejuvenated with new ideas. 

Things I find to help bring my sewing motivation back again include: 

  • Stroking your fabric stash.
  • Destashing some fabric, if any fabric doesn't bring any joy anymore.
  • Tidying your sewing area.
  • Writing a small list of projects you would like to try - not too many or else it might seem overwhelming.
  • Make a quick simple project that you know how to make with your eyes closed. This can be very satisfying. 
  • Another thing I did was listen to a Love to Sew podcast about finding your sewjo again. I really enjoyed listening to this one. It is number 87: How to get your sewjo back. Click here if you too would like to listen. 

So my sewjo is recovering again and I have a few more projects planned over the next couple of months. 

Getting back to my Passiflore now. By the time I got to my sleeves I decided to omit the sleeve placket and just did a neat hem for the slits in the sleeves. I think this still works fine and is practical. 

When I was hand sewing the facing to the jacket I pinned and sewed it while it was still on the mannequin to get as neat a finish as possible. 

As I plan to wear my Passiflore as a jacket and not a dress I also decided to omit the buttons and buttonholes. So I just have the belt to close the jacket up which I quite like. 

The fabric was beautiful to work with throughout sewing and the colour really is so luxurious. It handles wonderfully on the sewing machine. I used a universal size 80 sewing needle along with matching Gutermann thread though I can’t remember which shade that was.  

Wearing this fabric is just as nice as sewing it. It is so soft on the skin and is a joy to wear. You can feel so good wearing this fabric. For this outfit I paired my Passiflore with my RTW jeans, Wilder Blouse and also added my Great Grandmother’s brooch to the lapel. 

I really enjoyed doing a sew along with Vicki too. It was great to work out any of the tricky steps and just generally discuss how we were getting on. We were more less at the same stages as we went along.  

Thanks so much to Steph for inviting me to blog again. There are so many fabrics on The Rag Shop to treat yourself to! 

Happy Sewing!

Rebekah x



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