Wetherby Landers with Rebekah

Hi everyone, 

I’m Rebekah (also known as SewNo65 on Instagram). I am delighted to be here with a guest blog for you to read. 

When I saw an opening for guest blog posts with The Rag Shop, I jumped at the chance. I have been admiring the fabrics on The Rag Shop and bought some before. I had a browse through the website and believe me I pretty much loved all the fabrics. But there was one that stood out to me and it was the Wetherby Organic Cotton Denim Medium Blue

I submitted a couple of ideas including a denim jacket and Lander Pants. Thankfully the Lander Pants idea was a winner. I also saw a couple of other fabrics I loved so couldn’t resist buying these when my denim was being sent out. The package was so pretty arriving!

The Fabric

Let me tell you a bit more about this fabric. This wetherby fabric is by Lady McElroy and is composed of 100% cotton and features a medium blue denim colour. It was the colour that drew me to the fabric as it is a shade you don’t often find. It is a non-stretch fabric so I knew it would be great for the Lander Pants. At last I found a denim that is the perfect weight for jeans, this one is 11oz. Any I have tried up to this point have been a little light. While it is a hard wearing fabric, it is also soft and breathable. 

So when it arrived in the post it was beautifully packaged by Steph and I love the notecard that it comes with. I am a sucker for branding and hand written notes. I already loved the denim on the website and I loved it even more in person. It lived up to every expectation and more. 


When it came to pre-washing this denim, I asked my friend Sharlene for advice as I had heard that lines can form in a denim after it has been washed. So with the advice I got I soaked the fabric in a bath of cold water for about 45 minutes. There were no marks on the fabric after this stage. I decided not to squeeze the water out of the denim as I didn’t want to cause any marks. I dried it first before pre-washing it at 30 in the washing machine. Thankfully it was a dry day so I got it straight out on the washing line both times. After it dried, I made sure to give it a good iron. In the end there were a few subtle white lines but I found these disappeared a bit with the iron and where they didn’t I think they add character to the denim. 

The Pattern

The Lander Pants pattern is by True Bias. I have seen so many gorgeous versions of this on Instagram and follow the hashtag #landerpants for inspiration. The thing that was putting me off making them was the button fly as my machine can be temperamental with buttonholes. But anyway I decided this was the time to take the plunge and wow did it pay off! 

So the Lander Pants are high waist trousers or shorts. There are two lengths to choose for the trouser option - ankle or boot length. I cut the boot length but in the end shortened it to ankle length. As mentioned before it has a button fly, I love this feature as it’s a nice change from a zip fly. There are front and back patch pockets, belt loops and they have a straight fit through the legs. I have always been a skinny jean person, but this is a welcome change to try. I think the shorts would be really cute for summer. 

Suitable fabrics for the Lander Pants include denims, corduroys, twill and linen. So this wetherby denim is perfect. I think I would love a pair of Lander Pants in this corduroy.


I spent some time picking a size for my Lander Pants. I was back and forth with what size to choose. My waist measurement fell into a size 8 but my hips fell into a size 10. I knew grading was an option but when I looked at the finished garment measurements the 8 was more bang on than the 10. Remembering that I wanted these Lander Pants to be fairly fitted with a little wiggle room, I chose the 8. 

The great thing about this pattern is that the side seams have a one inch seam allowance so you can adjust to get the right fit, as long as the waist stays the same so the waistband fits or you could cut the waistband out once you are happy with the fit. 

I am pleased to say this was the perfect size and I am so happy with the fit. 

Sewing the Pattern

Sewing the pattern was surprisingly a breeze. The instructions are very clear and easy to follow, particularly the button fly. I have done a few zip flys before so it was a little familiar to me. Having sewn a button fly I think I prefer this way. 

It was certainly a nail biting moment when it came to sewing the buttonholes. I marked them out with chalk first and then took my time sewing. On a couple of them I did the buttonhole function twice to make them extra sturdy. I used some jeans buttons from my stash but you can also buy jeans buttons from The Rag Shop.

If you haven’t made a pair of jeans before, I think this would be a great pattern to start if you are confident with buttonholes. Always make sure to practice the buttonholes, especially when it is such a special fabric.

To check the fit I basted the side seams with a 4mm stitch length. I tried them on and thankfully didn’t need to adjust the fit so sewed the seams again with a 2.5mm stitch length to secure them. The rest came together seamlessly. 

Sewing with the fabric  

Sewing with this denim was really enjoyable and refreshing actually. I didn’t have any problems sewing with it. I used a Schmetz Jeans needle, size 100. For thread I used navy thread for the inside and a ‘jeans gold’ thread for topstitching. I would say though when it comes to sewing your waistband, make sure you trim as much bulk from the seams, this will make it easier for the top buttonhole. 

Mummy and Son matching

I had some denim left over and I couldn’t resist making up a set of Wild and Waves Heyday Dungarees for my son Henry. The denim was the perfect weight for dungarees too and just what I have been looking for. I also added a cute ‘Yo Mama made it’ label by Kylie and the Machine.

The Finished Look

So here we are in our finished outfits. I have paired my Lander Pants with a Named Ruska T-shirt made with Denim Blue French Terry purchased from The Rag Shop and my daisy heels I bought in Harajuku, Tokyo on our honeymoon a few years ago. I also made Henry a Wild and Waves Raglan Jumper with some of the offcuts from the French Terry. 

Thanks for reading my experience making the Lander Pants and Heydays for The Rag Shop. I really enjoyed making them and excited to wear them more. I already have another pair planned. Of course thank you Steph for inviting me to do a guest blog, the fabric was fabulous. I can’t wait to visit your shop in person! 

Rebekah x 


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  • They look really great! I also have this pattern but have ummed and ahhhed over what fabric to use so thank you for your tips! I think I’ll give them a go now 😊

    Sarah Donnison

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