Wild Botanicals Dress

Hi all

Hope you're all keeping well and stitching up a storm as summer is nearly here!

Don’t you just love a beautifully wrapped package and a handwritten note. I do appreciate the little things.

Image of fabric wrapped in orange tissue paper

Image of floral fabric on a blue background with a spool of blue thread

I used the ever so beautiful Wild botanicals cotton lawn for this dress and it's perfect for it. It gives the skirt the structure it needs to flare out without it being too stiff. Just look at it being dried on my rotary airer in the garden, just beautiful!

Image of floral fabric on a blue background hanging on a washing line

I decided to make myself a spring/summer dress using the dress pattern from the Deer and Doe dressed e-book. It's simple in its design but looks more intricate than it is.

According to my measurements I fell into the size 46 for bust and waist yet since the hips are free I didn't need to grade into any sizes!

You know what, I didn't have to make any adjustments to this pattern whatsoever! Which is a rarity for me as I normally have to do a narrow shoulder adjustment but since the sleeves are grown on it just sits on lovely.

Image of pattern piece on the floral fabric with a rotary cutter

Image of paper pattern pieces

When it comes  to gathering, I like to use dental floss as it gathers sooo much easier than two rows of stitching. I use a wide zig zag stitch and place the floss in the middle of the zig zag and sew it where I need it to be gathered.

Image of floral fabric  with a blue background and a sewing machine

I really like the instructions on hemming where you sew a line of stitching and use that as your guide to turn up the hem. Never used that technique before and now have been sewing for 7 years!

With the leftover scraps i managed to get myself a matching face mask and scrunchie. A girl needs to be coordinated right?

Image of floral face covering and elastic

Image of a long piece of floral fabric with elastic for a scrunchie

Image of finished face covering and scrunchie in floral fabric with blue background


Thought it was quite fitting to get some photos with some plants at a local garden centre 🤣

It was a good job. I took photos in the morning as I had an accident with my dress…

As you may know I have a Cat who is an indoor mog but today decided to make a run for the front door. Thankfully he was just in the garden. So I picked him up but then a noisy vehicle passed, got spooked and decided to claw my front and springboard off me which resulted in this!!

Other pet owners would have probably encountered the same problem that I now have!

So here is my culprit with the damage he has done! Of course he isn’t bothered in the slightest.

Image of floral dress with a grey coloured cat sitting beside it

But here are some more photos modelled on Dorris my mannequin.

Thankfully, I can salvage my dress by cutting out a new front bodice but entails a lot of unpicking and re-sewing but it will be well worth the labour of love.

Thank you Steph for providing me the supplies to make this dress as I think I have found my go to woven everyday dress.

Happy Sewing.

Sal aka The Yorkshire Sewist xx

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